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The 216th Annual Council in 2011 passed R-4a, which called for the bishop to appoint a ministry team to collect, assemble and offer resources to support parishes and individuals in their anti-bullying ministries. This resource is a result of that work. A hard copy of the resource binder is also available by contacting the diocesan Office of Christian Formation (800-DIOCESE x1031). Paper copies of the resources will also be provided to Church Schools and to each region of the Diocese.

Collected here is a sampling of curricula and information that we feel can be easily adapted to a variety of educational settings. We recommend Teaching Tolerance, Lutherans Concerned and the Pacer Center as excellent comprehensive teaching resources on bullying and its effects, both immediate and long-term. In addition to these there is a wealth of good information available on-line at, and on both the US Department of Justice and Department of Education Web sites.

The film “Bullied” is a dramatization of the true story of Jamie Nabozny, who while in middle and high school was brutally bullied because he is gay. While every congregation may not be prepared to deal with issues of human sexuality, the film offers relevant information and depictions of how if left unchecked, bullying only escalates and is truly life-threatening to the victim. The accompanying curriculum is easily adaptable to parent/teen workshops or other educational settings in the church.

Teaching Tolerance has a number of other resources available as free downloads from its Web site, All materials are grade-level specific and appropriate. Teaching Tolerance is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Pacer Center,, and Reconciling Works,, curricula offer a step-by-step process for addressing bullying. Each one encourages appropriate preparation for the teaching team and offers excellent activities and discussion points for moving through the facts of bullying.

We hope these materials will assist you in raising awareness of bullying and its destructive consequences. It is the call of our baptismal covenant to respect the dignity of every human being, so in preventing and intervening in bullying we are fulfilling our sacramental promise to God and to each other.

Frank Baxter, Calvary, Front Royal
Malinda Colllier, St. Mark’s Richmond
Cameron Hunt, Holy Comforter, Richmond
The Anti-Bullying Ministry Team 

Anti-Bullying Resources

  • Ending Bullying: Its Our Call
    A PowerPoint presentation developed by Malinda Collier for the 217th Annual Council.
  • "Teen Suicide"
    A blog post by Paris Ball, diocesan director of Christian Formation, on the diocesan blog for youth leaders; provides a list of resources for conversation, support and response to bullying.
  • Dear Colleague Letter on Harrassment and Bullying
    From the U.S. Department of Education; clarifies the relationship between bullying and discriminatory harassment under civil rights laws.
  • Bullying by the Numbers
    A compilation of statistics from Teaching Tolerance.
  • A Bullying Quiz and Handout with Answers
    A quiz from Teaching Tolerance to help people understand behavioral patterns and social behavior in the role of bullying.
  • The Bully Trap
    An article from Teaching Tolerance.
  • What To Do About Bullying
    On name-calling and bullying in schools, from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.
  • Bullying: Guidelines for Teachers
    Tips for educators, from Teaching Tolerance.
  • Bullying: Tips for Students
    A checklist of tips from Teaching Tolerance.
  • Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History - Video and Viewer's Guide
    Teaching Tolerance provides a free copy of the video "Bullied" along with a thorough viewer's guide with a guide for teachers, a quiz and a list of additional resources.
  • Bully Free: Tips for Parents
    From by Dr. Allan L. Beane.
  • Seven Things Kinds Need to Know about Bullying
    From by Dr. Allan L. Beane.
  • Classroom Toolkit for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week
    A resource from the Pacer Center to promote bullying awareness, with information sheets, discussion topics and more.
  • Where All Can Safely Live: A Guide to Understanding Bullying in Our Communities
    A guide to understanding bullying in our communities, how to talk about it and how to prevent it, from Lutherans Concerned.
  • References and Other Valuable Work and Resources
    From the diocesan Anti-Bullying Ministry Team.
  • Dignity at Work
    From the Diocese of Newark Dignity at Work Task Force.