Churches in Search

Receiving Names

To Apply: Applicants should send a resume, cover letter, and OTM Portfolio to the Search Committee contact listed in the church's OTM Community Ministry Portfolio.

 St. Thomas', McLean: Rector, full-time. 402 communicants, 109 ASA, $465,000 operating revenue. Community ministry portfolio available through otmportfolio.orgWebsite. Receiving names through October 31, 2017.

St. Mary's, Colonial Beach: Rector, full-time. 157 communicants, 68 ASA, $114,934 operating revenue.
Community ministry portfolio available through otmportfolio.orgWebsite. Open-ended search.

Vauters, Loretto: Rector, part-time, 71 communicants, 46 ASA, $63,741 operating revenue.
Community portfolio available through otmportfolio.orgWebsite. Open-ended search.

Building Portfolio


No Longer Receiving Names

St. Michael's, Arlington: Rector, full-time. 

Clarke Parish, Berryville (Grace & St. Mary's): Rector, full-time.

Holy Comforter, Vienna: Rector, full-time. 


Submitting to the Transition Ministry Conference

The Transition Ministry Conference (TMC) is a group of transition ministers representing dioceses across much of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic. The conference meets twice a year to help match churches and clergy in search.

  • Clergy from the constituent dioceses can make themselves known as "in search" to TMC by filling out this form. Before submitting, we recommend that Virginia clergy speak to the Rev. Dr. Mary Thorpe, director of transition ministry. 
  • Churches who are receiving names or close to receiving names at the time of the conferences -- held in March and September each year -- will be presented by Mary Thorpe and Ed Keithly. 

Why Portfolio Instead of Profile? 

The transition ministry office no longer uses parish profiles. Instead, search committees will focus on creating an OTM Community Portfolio and update the church's website. Click here for more information.