Alcohol Policy

The Diocese of Virginia seeks to live out the Baptismal Covenant in its life and its policies. This means that we seek to follow Jesus Christ in our manner of life, and respect the dignity of every person.

This policy therefore is a call to the whole Church to use alcohol in appropriate and thoughtful ways, so that people are not put in a position that compromises their membership in the Body of Christ or their own integrity, or that threatens the life of another with their actions.

The Diocese of Virginia’s alcohol policy, which conforms to Virginia state law, says:

  • Minors may not consume alcohol.
  • If alcohol will be sold, the parish must first obtain a license from the Commonwealth of Virginia to do so.
  • Every effort must be made to ensure that someone who has had too much to drink does not drive.
  • If alcohol will be served, non-alcoholic drinks must also be served. The non-alcoholic drinks must be easily accessible, well stocked, and attractively displayed.

In response to Bishop Johnston’s statement at Annual Council in 2015 about the importance of examining our policies surrounding the use of alcohol, a more extensive policy will be affirmed by Executive Board and posted at a later date.