Micro-Economic Development Grants

  • The Annual Budget of the Diocese of Virginia has provided limited funding for Micro-Economic Development Grants and a small reserve now funds these requests. The grants will be awarded by the Executive Board.
  • Micro-economic development programs should foster the creation of new businesses and/or provide advisory services for existing or new businesses which are by design very small operations. The growth of these businesses should result in improving the human condition among the poor through the targeted MED assistance.
  • The grant application can be found here.
  • Grants must be expended within 12 months. On the anniversary of the grant, an accounting must be made to the Executive Board. That form is found here.
  • Grants are open to churches and related organizations within the Diocese of Virginia.
  • There is a maximum of $2,500 per year per applicant church/organization, or the limit of available funding.
  • Applications are handled on a rolling basis, and it is possible that all funds may be distributed prior to year-end.
  • If you have questions about the forms or process, please feel free to contact Mike Kerr, Treasurer, mkerr@thediocese.net.