Lay Compensation Reports

Updated August 14.2014

The 2014 Lay Compensation Reports summarizing compensation and benefits for lay employees across the diocese are complete. Since 2013, 144 churches have provided updated information on their employees.

There are two reports:

  • The Lay Compensation Summary Report (click here) provides a summary by position for employees throughout the diocese.
  • The Regional Lay Compensation Report (click here) summarizes the employee data by regional areas.

These reports summarize the employee data by a standardized position description with groupings by hours worked per week. We are able to calculate the average salary based on those parameters and to determine how many in each breakout receive employer-paid benefits for health insurance, life insurance, pension, and continuing education.


Resolution A138, adopted at General Convention 2009 requires us to provide pension benefits for any lay employee of the Episcopal Church working 1,000 hours or more per year (20 hours per week) and to utilize the Church Pension Group standards as a baseline. GC 2012 allowed an extension for schools until January 1, 2018, using a phase-in model.

If you have any questions about these reports or the requirement for lay pension, please contact Joy Buzzard at (804) 643-8451, ext. 1022.