Information Center

The Resources section of the Diocese of Virginia website serves as a central repository for important information for clergy, lay leaders, and members of the congregation.


The Diocese of Virginia has two bishops, the Rt. Rev. Susan Ellyn Goff, Bishop Suffragan and Ecclesiastical Authority, and the Rt. Rev. Robert Wilkes Ihloff, Bishop Associate.

Bishop Goff Bishop Goff Bishop Ihloff Bishop Ihloff



Serving God and Community

Our diocesan community strives to support and grow our priority ministries: youth and young adult formation, strengthening our congregations, multicultural and ethnic ministries, mission beyond ourselves, and evangelism and proclamation.


Supporting the Church

The Diocese is home to a wide range of organizations that support the work and vision of the Church, including two conference centers, six church schools, six diocesan homes, 15 regions and more than 25 committees and commissions.


Professional Resources

The Administrative Services section is the hub for the professional needs of clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of Virginia, including finances, licensure, policies and guidelines, and forms.

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