Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Makes Pastoral Visit to Charlottesville

In the wake of the August 12 tragedy, the Most Rev. Michael Curry visited Charlottesville yesterday to meet with clergy, students and lay leaders of the Diocese, and to preach at a community-wide service.

The day began with Bishop Curry making a pastoral visit to Trinity Church, Charlottesville with clergy of the region. Many of those clergy had processed through the city on August 12 in non-confrontational and prayerful opposition to the rally organized by white supremacist groups.

"Amongst the shrieks of hatred, I saw you singing 'This Little Light of Mine.' I was never prouder to be an Episcopalian," Bishop Curry told the clergy.   

Bishop Curry then hosted a luncheon and Q & A session with roughly 100 lay leaders and clergy from the Diocese gathered at Christ Church, Charlottesville. He commended Martin Luther King Jr’s 10 Commandments for Cultural Change to the audience, saying that may be a guide to how we move forward. 

Prior to the service at St. Paul’s Memorial Church, the Presiding Bishop hosted a conversation with Episcopal college students of Charlottesville. He advised them to "reach out to people who are 'other.' We might be able to knit together the fabric of a society that is deeply fragmented." 

At a public service at St. Paul’s Memorial Church, Bishop Curry preached to a packed house. In closing, Bishop Curry said, “Charlottesville [and] Virginia: Lift up your head. Straighten your back….Walk together, children: black, white, red, yellow and brown…. Walk together, people of good will, and live the way of love until the love of God transforms this world.”

Audio recording of Bishop Curry’s sermon

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