One Year, Two Annual Conventions!

Plans continue to come together for the two-Convention year of 2017.

For that year only, two Annual Conventions of the Diocese – the 222nd and the 223rd – will be held as we transition from a January cycle of annual meetings to a November cycle. This change will allow Annual Convention to make decisions and plans before the beginning of the New Year, while also helping us to avoid winter weather like the kind that snowed out Annual Convention in January.

For information and forms on the 222nd Annual Convention, to be held January 26 through 28 at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, please follow this link -- 222nd Annual Convention Link

The 223rd Annual Convention will be held Saturday, November 4, 2017, at St. Stephen’s, Richmond. We are delighted that the Rev. Gary Jones and his congregation will be our hosts. This Convention will be one day only, requiring no overnight stay for most delegates, which will help parishes save on expenses in this two-Convention year. More details on this Convention will be forthcoming. Parishes will be encouraged to send in their 2018 pledges as soon as possible, though no formal change will be made to the current November 30 deadline.

Please keep in mind that these are two separate Conventions. Delegates chosen to attend the 222nd Convention are eligible to serve at the 223rd, but that is not automatic. Each Convention requires a separate selection process.

The change in cycle from January to November means that some diocesan bodies whose terms end during Annual Convention, such as the Standing Committee, will have slightly shorter terms during this transition. The Executive Board has approved a proposed canonical change that would allow its members’ terms to end on December 31, rather than at Convention, so that the same Executive Board can approve budget amendments and updates that might occur after the November Convention but before the beginning of the new year.

Questions about registration and other details for the 222nd Annual Convention in January? Please contact Bill Martin at