Faith in the Public Square

Wondering How Our Church Can Connect During This Political Season? Here are Three Reflections from Our Bishops. 

As we approach Election Day, follow the links attached to hear the three Bishops’ reflections on Faith in the Public Square. At the Clergy Retreat at Shine Mont on October 19,  Bishop Shannon Johnston spoke of the Church’s “insistence on being heard” as he told the story of the Rt. Rev. Duncan M. Gray Jr., Seventh Bishop of Mississippi, who died in July (click here for audio recording). Bishop Susan Goff spoke of “safe places” in our churches where we can build understanding by telling the stories of our political choices this election season (click here for audio recording). Bishop Edwin “Ted” Gulick counseled us to “never waste a crisis” – to find new ways for the Church to bear witness during difficult times (click here for audio recording).

During the Q&A with the clergy that followed the reflections, the question of “equivalence” was raised regarding differences in opinions expressed during the campaign: Is the Church called to treat all positions on fundamental issues as equivalent? Bishop Shannon rejected that notion, reminding us that we are called to witness to the Gospel values in making our decisions. The only time she has practiced “equivalence,” said Bishop Goff, has been in prayer – as she has prayed for both major-party candidates for president.