An Easter Message from Bishop Susan Goff

Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg*

Acrylic on canvas, sewn with copper wire, beads, Murano glass and found jewelry

Susan E. Goff     2018


As the first glorious day of Easter moves onward toward night,

May you have the courage of Mary Magdalene who went to the tomb alone in the dark. (John 20:1)

May you have the tenacity of Mary Magdalene who stayed when the others returned to their homes. (John 20:10)

May you have the love of Mary Magdalene who stood at the tomb and wept. (John 20:11)

May you have the audacity of Mary Magdalene who spoke with angels. (John 20:13)

May you have the spunk of Mary Magdalene who wrested through confusion. (John 20:13 and 15)

May you have the faith of Mary Magdalene who recognized Jesus when he called her name. (John 20:16)

And may you have the commitment of Mary Magdalene, the first apostle to proclaim that Christ is Risen! (John 20:18)

Easter Blessings to you, to all you love, and to this world so hungry for blessings.

Your Sister in Christ,


*Click here to learn about the legend of Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg