Annual Convention Recap Page Update

Dear Members of the Diocese:

We are pleased to announce that several additional resources are now posted to the DOV website’s 222nd Annual Convention Recap page. Whether or not you attended this year’s Convention in Reston from Jan. 26 to 28, we think you will find these materials important and inspiring for your work and ministry in the parishes, regions and organizations of our Diocese.

The big news is that the videos of key addresses, sermons and reports are now posted. Here’s the full list of these and other materials now available to you:

  • Walk in Love - video
  • Bishop Johnston’s Pastoral Address – video, audio & text
  • Bishop Goff’s Report – video & text
  • Bishop Gulick’s Report – video
  • Bishop Robert Wright of Atlanta’s Keynote Address – video & audio
  • Links to learn more about or to purchase Bishop Wright’s two books
  • A Convention Overview - text
  • Stories of the Diocese – video
  • Photo Gallery
  • Election Results – 2018 General Convention, 2017 Standing Committee and 2017 Provincial Synod. In addition, the Bishop’s appointments of the 2017 Deans.
  • Adopted Resolutions and Constitutional and Canonical Amendments

We will post a few more items to this page when they are available, including a second Stories of the Diocese video and a video recording of the provocative Faith in the Public Square panel discussion.  To get to the recap page, click here.

For several weeks, this page will remain prominently displayed on the DOV website for your convenience, with easier accessibility to the resources listed above. Then all 222nd Annual Convention information and related items will be restored to the Governance area of the website where all convention information is archived each year and always available to you.