This Web site is an online market for churches who would like to donate goods or receive donations of goods. A link to the latest information is sent weekly via the e-Communique.

To submit an item to be posted on this Web site, send an email to Erin Monaghan Kamran with the following information:

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Blessings to Give

  • Pat Sharpe is looking to donate a 1921 Standard upright piano with the original finish in good condition. Comes with a bench, lamp, metronome and books (religious and secular). The piano is located in the Richmond area and would need to be picked up. It is heavy and would require three strong people to move it. The piano would need to be moved over four stairs to get it outside of her house. Call Pat for more information at 804-261-2161. 
  • Immanuel Church on the Hill, Alexandria, has a full set of 2-4 inch plastic letters for outdoor sign. Contact Parish Administrator Jennifer Addington at 703-370-6555 or jaddington@icoh.net.
  • Christ Church, Glen Allen, has a fair linen (29.5" x 89") in perfect condition except for one small dot from a candle oil/wax to donate. If interested, contact Carol Napier, carolmnapier@aol.com or 804-363-3663.
  • All Saints, Richmond, has 30-40 prayer books to give away. In addition, they have 10 blue books of common prayer that are 4 x 6 inches. Contact Lori Humrich, lhumrich@allsaintsrichmond.org.
  • St. James's, Richmond, has around 125 pew cushions (deep burgundy) to donate. Measurements below. Please contact Laura Shuford, lshuford@doers.org or 804-355-1779.
    78 - 7.5ft x 14in x 2in
    32 - 6ft 1in x 14 in x 2in
    10 - 5ft 7 in
    2 - 3ft 3in
    2 - 4ft 10in
  • St. Paul's, Alexandria, has six hunter green round tableclothes to give away. Contact Anke Hobbs, anke@stpaulsalexandria.com.
  • Historic Christ Church, Alexandria has audio and video tapes available to donate. For details, please see our CraigsList post. Interested parties may contact Alecia Moroz, AMoroz@CCalex.org.
  • Good Shepherd of the Hills, Boonesville, has an altar. It is 24" deep, 47" wide, 36" high in front (table top) and
    44" high in the back. They also have an organ (Body--28" deep with pedals sticking out--44"deep, 40" tall, 52" wide). Please contact Donna Lydon, d.lydon.sp.dir@gmail.com.
  • Mr. Ed Cox, parishioner at St. James', Alexandria, has a 1960's era electric Hammond organ and full speaker to donate. Contact Mr. Cox at 703-327-7455
  • All Souls Church, Mechanicsville, has the fourth quarter lectionary inserts, Track 2, available (75 copies), free. If interested, please contact Dorothy DeJong at dorothyd_99@yahoo.com or (804) 283-2430.
  • Church of Our Saviour, Charlottesville, has a portable wooden baptismal font with stainless bowl. They also have 24 - 5' wooden torch poles with brass lattice holders for regular-size candles and two floor stands to hold torches. They would need to be picked up. Contact cvoldrich@cooschv.org if interested.
  • St. Peter's, New Kent, has eight 12-inch brass offering plates, one 13-inch receiving basin, and one 6.5 inch miniature brass offering plate. Contact stpeters.rector@gmail.com if interested.
  • Varina, Henrico, has 35 pew cushions available for donation. Contact Brenda Cocker at varinachurch@aol.com.
    31 are 5', 2 are 10', and 2 are 6'. All are dark burgundy velvet.
  • St. Luke's, Alexandria, has nine church pews available for donation. Call 703-765-4342 for info.
    Height: 35 inches
    Depth: 20 inches
    2 at 10-feet
    1 at 16-feet
    2 at 12-feet
    1 at 17-feet
    1 at 13-feet
    2 at 19-feet
  • St. George’s, Fredericksburg, has a handmade rustic crèche manger to give away (see photo). Approximately 34” high, 34” wide and 22” deep. Pick up from St. George’s, Fredericksburg. Questions? Call Michelle at 540-373-4133.

Blessings to Receive

  • St. Thomas', McLean, would like a lateral filing cabinet and/or a small fire safe. Please contact Eric Bonetti, stthom1@cox.net.
    St. John's, West Point, would like a set of hand bells to borrow with the option to buy. Please contact the Rev. Barbara Marques, rector@stjohnswp.org.
  • Christchurch School, Christchurch, is in need of two dozen prayer books. Please contact Robin Schroeder, rschroeder@christchurchschool.org.
  • Jackson-Field Homes is in need of folding round tables that seat eight people. If your church has unused tables and chairs and would like to donate them to Jackson-Feild please contact Ann Chaffins at 804-354-6929 or achaffins@jacksonfeild.org.
  • Canterbury Campus Ministry, Harrisonburg, is seeking books of spiritual writing (ex: Merton, CS Lewis, NT Wright, L'Engle, Nouwen, Chittester, etc.). They are also seeking a Keurig (or similar) coffee maker. Contact the Rev. Laura Lockey, minniclk@gmail.com.
  • St. Patrick's, Falls Church, is seeking a Censer Stand, Censer and a Boat for incense. Contact
    the Rev. Sarah Colvin, stpatsepiscopal@gmail.com.
  • Christ Church, Gordonsville, is looking for Sanctus Bells. Contact Nelson Tucker, Senior Warden, 540-832-3421.
  • Christ Church, Luray, is restarting their children's ministry and is looking for a small processional children's cross. Contact is Rev. Cathy Tibbetts at revtibbettschristchurch@gmail.com.