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Bishop's Messages

April 1     - Transcript of Bishops' Call with Clergy; Q & A here
March 31 - Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Word to the Church: On Our Theology of Worship
March 31 - A Message about COVID from the Bishops of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC 
March 31 - Declaración de los Obispos Episcopales de Maryland, Virginia y Washington, DC
March 25 - Transcript of Bishops' Call with Clergy; Q & A here
March 23 - A Video Message from Bishop Goff 
March 18 - Bishop's Message Regarding Holy Week and Easter 
March 18 - Transcript of Bishops' Call with Clergy; Q & A here
March 13 - A Video Message from Bishop Goff
March 13  - From Presiding Bishop Michael Curry - Un mensaje del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry de la Iglesia Episcopal sobre el servicio litúrgico en respuesta a la pandemia del COVID-19
March 12 - COVID-19 Resources, including best practices and resources for virtual worship.
March 12 - A message from The Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop Michael Curry regarding worship in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
March 12 - A message from Presiding Bishop Curry related to worship changes during a public health emergency
March 11 - from Bishop Susan Goff

Guidelines for Pastoral Care

  • Cancel non-essential pastoral visits for now. Restrict home and hospital visits to extreme cases. Substitute phone chats and pray with people over the phone.
  • Set up phone calls and video chats with homebound parishioners.
  • Create a phone tree so you can easily check in with all your parishioners.
  • Create a ministry to deliver groceries and other essentials to quarantined members. Bring groceries and supplies to those who are ill or quarantined and leave them on the doorstep.
  • Prepare home Sunday school lessons for children and Bible studies for adults, and make them available by email or video for those who choose to stay home.
  • Encourage your members to get to know their neighbors at home. In a time of quarantine or illness, neighbors caring for neighbors is an excellent way that people can help each other.
  • Pastoral preparedness information regarding end of life preparation and current policies on disposition of the body, and visitation guidelines at nursing homes and hospitals as of March 17, 2020, gathered by the Rev. Dr. Ann Willms.
  • Simple Online Pastoral Care - A helpful guide provided by the Unitarian Universalist Association