Postponed: New Clergy Orientation

Postponed to September, date forthcoming
COVID-19 Update: As the Bishops are having weekly Zoom calls with clergy in this time, and in-order to conserve the time of clergy and staff, we are postponing the next New Clergy Orientation to September 2020 (rather than hold the New Clergy Orientation via Zoom). Please reach out to Ed Keithly, Vocational Development Minister, with any questions. 

The New Clergy Orientation is designed to help ensure that clergy entering our diocesan community or new ministries within the community feel welcomed, supported, and know about the resources available to them and their congregations. Attendees are invited to worship at Mayo House’s weekly Eucharist, join together for lunch with the bishops, and meet the diocesan staff.

All clergy who have begun new ministries in the Diocese within the past 18 months, including the newly ordained and those who are transitioning from other dioceses, are invited to attend.

Diocesan Offices in Richmond
110 W. Franklin St., Richmond VA

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