Day for Deacons Registration

Saturday, May 1, 2021 - 9:00 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Working Agenda
Via Zoom (login info will be sent to registrants on April 26).
Please register below by April 23. 

We’re happy to have attendees for the whole day, but if you can’t attend the whole day, please know you’re welcome to come for as much as you can.

The Diocese of Virginia's Day for Deacons is for...

  • Anyone who's curious about who a deacon is and what a deacon does
  • Everyone discerning a call to be a deacon, wherever you are in that journey
  • Leaders, lay and ordained, of congregations supporting those discerning for the diaconate
  • Leaders, lay and ordained, of congregations hosting a diaconal internship
  • Leaders, lay and ordained, of congregations wishing to call a deacon
  • Current postulants for the diaconate 
  • Clergy seeking to identify potential deacons in their midst, and support seekers in the process

The day will begin with prayer and a welcome message from Bishop Goff. Throughout the day there will be workshops and plenary sessions about the ministry of the deacon, spotting a deacon in your midst, how one becomes a deacon in the Diocese of Virginia, and more. 

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