Holding Space for Hope: A Liturgy of Hope & Healing in [extra]Ordinary Time

St. Phoebe School for Deacons' Virtual Chapel 

Holding Space for Hope: All are welcome and invited to join the St. Phoebe School for Deacons for a public liturgy A Liturgy of Hope and Healing in [extra]Ordinary Time on Saturday, September 19 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Postulants of the St. Phoebe School and our partners in the Dioceses of Virginia and Southwestern Virginia have been reaching out to listen to the voices of people who have too often been marginalized and silenced because of age, race, sexual orientation, gender expression, poverty and other dividing lines in this world in which we live. This deep listening to the stories of hope told by this diverse array of God's people affirms for all of us that where hope is present, God is revealed. Links to the service via Facebook Live and YouTube as well as a liturgy script  with video links which can be used within your own worship context at any time are available on the St. Phoebe School Virtual Chapel: https://virtual-chapel.com/holding-space-for-hope/.