Church Vitality Now: Best Practices from Sprint to Marathon w/ Stewardship & Development

On Zoom

Webinar Series on COVID-19, Your Church & Stewardship

During May on Wednesday evenings @ 7 p.m. and Thursday mornings @ 9:30 a.m., all interested ministry volunteers, staff and clergy are invited to join Stephanie Higgins and Julie Simonton on Zoom. We’ll discuss current stewardship and development information that we believe is important for stewardship ministries in our congregations *now.*

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Resources for our May 20th and 21st webinars coming soon!


Our third set of conversations on May 20 and 21  will include conversations about what giving looks like *now*, our favorite and most engaging digital resources, and how to prepare for a fall giving season that will be rich in 'Holy Agility'.

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