Teilhard for Our Times with Frank Frost of the Teilhard Project

St. Aidan's, Alexandria

8531 Riverside Road 
Alexandria, VA 22308
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Teilhard de Chardin: Jesuit priest, paleontologist, visionary. He looked through deep time with the eyes of a scientist and a heart for God. Behind the seeming chaos of evolution, he found pattern and purpose. His vision was tested in the crucible of both World Wars, as well as in the loneliness of exile. He proclaimed love to be the primal energy of the universe, nature the second Holy Book, and “becoming” the watchword of creation. Join us as we explore the world we live in today through the eyes of this visionary. How would Teilhard understand the tumultuous times in which we live?

Frank Frost is a documentary film producer whose programs have received over 100 national awards. His current work – The Teilhard de Chardin Project – is a television biography, in production for public television, on the life and thought of this revolutionary. Mr. Frost will be assisted in this class by Peg Bartel and Shelly Kreykes.