Postulancy Interviews (Diaconate)

Trinity, Fredericksburg

825 College Avenue 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401
Driving Directions

Applications due April 11. 

The Committee on the Diaconate will interview aspirants for the vocational diaconate and make recommendations to Bishop Johnston. An agenda will be sent to aspirants two weeks before the interview.

  1. Applications are due at least four weeks before the interview. Aspirants with questions about their application should be in touch with their committee contact person and Vicky Bickel
  2. Application info found here, including a checklist of materials. Applications can take about four months to complete. 
  3. Interviews are granted by the committee contact, who is assigned at the request of the presenting priest at the end the formal discernment process (discernment retreat, Exploring the Church, and parish discernment committee).