Diocesan Discernment Retreat

Richmond Hill, Richmond

Please note:

  1. This retreat is at capacity. Potential attendees will receive a registration form for the Feb. 2018 retreat. If those registered for this retreat (Nov. 2017) are unable to come, Vicky Bickel will contact those registered for Feb. 2018 to see if they are still available to attend in Nov. '17, beginning with those registered first. 
  2. This retreat takes place from Thursday to Saturday. 

Discernment retreats are the first step in the process of discernment and formation for leadership in the Diocese of Virginia. Whether that call may be as a deacon, priest, or lay leader, all are welcome. 

If you’d like to attend, please speak to your presenting priest and, if they believe the time is right, ask them to send a short email to Ed Keithly (ekeithly@thediocese.net) asking that you to be invited.

You can find more information on the discerment process in the Vocation and Call section of the website: http://www.thediocese.net/Ministries/ServingChurch/Discernment/.