Contemplative Activism: A grounded Spirituality for Social Transformation

St. Aidan's, Alexandria

The work of creating a more just world is seemingly endless. While the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice, our efforts toward that goal can be exhausting. How do we nurture a commitment for the long haul and avoid burn-out? What would it look like to embody our desired future now? Contemplative activism is an invitation to a posture of deep
spirituality grounded in wholeness and sustainability. This workshop will explore practices for transformative social change and examine deep, abiding love as a foundation for faith-based activism.

David Potter is a practitioner of contemplative activism committed to healing and collective liberation. As Special Projects Manager at Sojourners, he brings his study of conflict transformation and experience in community development to build relationships and equip faith communities. As a trained mediator and circle keeper, David has worked in nonprofit program development and as a Restorative Justice Specialist. He is particularly interested in sacred listening, Enneagram theory, and the social construction of whiteness and efforts toward racial justice.