Many Paths: More Than One Way Home with the Rev. John Baker

Center for Spiritual Deepening at St. Aidan's

8531 Riverside Road 
Alexandria, VA 22308
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Recognize, appreciate, and deepen your sacred path—your interaction with the divine.

In our time, we have come to recognize the diversity of ways in which people relate to and understand the world around them. We have been talking about personality types since C. G. Jung introduced the idea almost a hundred years ago. It is helpful and reassuring to know that we are not all supposed to see things the same way. Our spiritual lives, too, involve a rich diversity in how we sense and respond to the divine presence. Our spiritual gifts may include doubt, awe, love of questions, trust, skepticism, belief, and intuition, just to name a few. 

Join us for our first presentation of the program year, as we cast a wide net and invite all sorts of “spiritual” folk to celebrate and strengthen what works best for each of us in our approach to the Great Mystery.  

John Baker is an Episcopal priest and the rector of St. Aidan’s church. He has been interested in diversity of belief and practice since the early nineties, when he served a congregation that actively welcomed and included doubters, skeptics, and the disaffected.