Following God's Way of Radical Love and Inclusion: A Prayer Service

St. Paul's Church

815 Grace Street 
Richmond, VA 23219
Driving Directions

A group that calls itself the New Confederate States of America (CSA II) is coming to Richmond on Saturday of this week (September 16) for what they call a "Protect the Robert E. Lee Monument Rally."  They describe themselves as a group that is about heritage not hate. They do not have a permit to gather in Richmond and no rallies of any kind are permitted at the Lee Monument, under a temporary order of our governor.  Still, they plan to come.  

If rallies of this kind in other cities, including Charlottesville, are any indication, other groups will come as well, some of them motivated by hate and prone to violence. 

As a part of our continued commitment to standing against hatred, violence and racism, people of faith from across the area will gather for prayer on the eve of the rally at St. Paul's Church in downtown Richmond.  We invite people from all walks of life to gather with us as we seek to follow God's way of radical love and inclusion in a world so broken by hatred, violence and racism. 

Come pray with us, or join in prayer wherever you are. 

The Rt. Rev. Susan E. Goff
Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia