Great Paschal Vespers

Immanuel Chapel at Virginia Theological Seminary
3737 Seminary Rd. Alexandria

The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston, Bishop of Virginia, officiating. Music by the Virginia Theological Seminary Schola.

“Great Paschal Vespers is based on the ancient stational liturgies of Rome. . . In structure, it is informed by the Office of Vespers, with prayers, office hymn, psalmody, and its regularly appointed canticle, the Magnificat. While maintaining these essential forms, Great Paschal Vespers adds aspects of the Roman liturgies during which entire congregations traveled from one place to another. Thus the liturgy literally provides a moving gloss on the events of Easter and the celebrated post-Easter events of Christ’s appearance on earth. That the solemnity of this liturgy can ennoble these events with such economic and austere power is a startling revelation and a major argument in favor of its celebration.”      —Reprinted from Great Paschal Vespers, ed. Monte Mason (New York: Church Publishing 2002).